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Cylinder in the diesel generating set
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:cylinder

Diesel generatorsgenerator "cylinder" has also been referred to as the "bite cylinder". It is along the piston in the cylinder and piston ring surface movement direction of stripes, with a color. When the cylinder, the cylinder liner wear is very severe, can reach dozens or even hundreds of normal wear. In cylinder, the external characteristic of diesel engine is sound change, exhaust smoke. The consequences are piston, piston ring and cylinder liner surface destruction, gas seal failure, the rapid increase of the consumption of oil and gas channeling the engine will not operate properly, even in a very short period of time, due to the piston, piston ring and cylinder liner bite dead stop.

The main reason of diesel generator set cylinder is, in fact, piston, piston ring and cylinder liner surface "fusion" injury due to high temperature. Is due to the oil film between piston and cylinder liner not dry friction, the hot friction heat causes the metal microscopic melting and sticking, and will break near the metal particles. To produce cylinder oil film is the most fundamental reason. According to the requirements of gas sealing gap between piston ring and cylinder liner should be as small as possible, which makes their lubrication condition is very bad. Cylinder liner and piston ring friction depends on the elasticity of piston, the working temperature, sliding speed, the oil film distribution, the quality of the parts, and running-in. When due to overload, contact surface between the surface of cylinder liner and piston ring face severe friction, due to direct contact with a lot of friction heat, make work surface temperature has risen sharply, the consequences are two friction weld surface adhesion and cause injury.

Thus, poor drainage condition, channeling gas, large parts of the contact stress damage of oil film, is the main cause of the cylinder. In addition to the lubrication, fit clearance, parts manufacturing quality, improper use can cause cylinder, details are as follows:

1. The piston and cylinder liner fit clearance is too small, or before the formal work load without a good bond.

2. Poor lubrication, such as small gap, oil thin or not when it is assembled with oil etc.

3. The diesel engine is overheating.

4. Assembly when the body is not clean or piston too die.

5. Poor quality of piston and piston ring.

From the use of diesel generator set point of view, but also pay attention to avoid the sudden increase of load or emergency stop, before starting it is best to crank the crankshaft laps, keep the friction surface of lubricating oil.

The above is the cause of cylinder diesel generating set and avoid method, I hope this information will be helpful to you on the use of units.

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