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What are diesel generator set purpose
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Diesel generating set silent generator 40kva priceis a kind of power generation equipment, diesel generator set in the hospital, hotel, hotel, real estate and other industries the application range is also growing.

The four main purposes of diesel generator set.

First, self-provided power supply. Some no net electric supply power units, such as isolated island, a remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateau of the barracks, workstations, radar station, etc., will need to configure the self-provided power supply. The so-called energent power, is the power of the spontaneous self-use, under the condition of the power is not too big, diesel generating sets tend to be the first choice of the self-provided power supply.

Second, the standby power supply. Standby power is also called the emergency power supply, the main purpose is to some units although have comparatively safe and reliable electricity net electricity supply, but in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failures, or temporary power outage, still configuration self-provided power supply for the use of emergency power. Visible, standby power is actually a kind of of self-provided power supply, but it is not used as the main power supply, but only in the case of an emergency used as a means of relief.

Thrid, alternative power supply. Replace the power supply is to make up for the shortage of electricity supply network. This may have two cases, one is the net electricity price is too high, from the Angle of cost savings, choose diesel generating sets as an alternative power source; The other one is in the network under the condition of electricity supply, the net electricity use is restricted, the power supply departments have electricity everywhere, at this point, the power unit in order to normal production and work, you need to replace the power to remedy them.

Fourth, mobile power supply. The use of mobile power supply is not a fixed location, and used by all transfer power generation facilities. Diesel generator set because of its flexible characteristics of easy operation, convenient and be the first choice of the mobile power supply. Mobile power supply is generally designed to power vehicles, in the form of a power supply vehicle, also has a trailer power vehicles.

Diesel generator set above four main purposes, is should be at different stages of social development.

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