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Diesel generator the basic mechanism
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The basic generatorstructure of the diesel generator is made up of diesel engine and generator and diesel generator is driven by electricity generation. First of all, according to the basic structure of a diesel engine: it consists of cylinder, piston and cylinder, intake valve and exhaust valve, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearing, flywheel and other components. Diesel generator is usually in the form of single cylinder and multi-cylinder diesel engine four-stroke diesel engine, I only talk about single cylinder four stroke diesel engine under the theory: diesel engine start is through human or other power of diesel engine crankshaft rotary piston top seal cylinder reciprocating motion. Complete a four-stroke piston movement: the intake stroke, compression stroke, the combustion and working (expansion) and exhaust stroke. The piston moves up and down, the valve opening, the air filter of fresh air into the cylinder to complete the intake stroke. Piston is composed of the following, compressed air, the air is compressed, the increase of temperature and pressure, the end of the compression process. Piston will soon peak, injector spray into the combustion chamber of the fuel filter with high temperature and high pressure air mixed automatic ignition immediately, high pressure formation, forces the pistons to work, promote the crankshaft, complete the power stroke. After we had finished the work, the piston from bottom to top, exhaust valve opens, the exhaust stroke. Crankshaft half a circle. After working cycles of diesel engine, gradually accelerated to work under the inertia of the flywheel.

Ac generator is mainly composed of magnetic materials manufacturing most of north and south poles alternately arranged a permanent magnet (called rotor) and silicon manufacturing iron and wound with multiple sets of series armature coil (stator). Working principle of the power: driven by diesel engine rotor axial cutting lines, formation of pole coil of the stator iron core arranged alternately alternating magnetic field, rotor spinning round, direction and the size of the magnetic flux change, due to the transformation effect of magnetic field, coil produces and direction change of induced current and stator coil current. With the protection of electrical equipment, and maintain the normal work and the current generated by the generator also needs regulator to adjust and control, and so on.

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