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Teach you to master change generator oil of the four methods
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:oil

Differential generator pricemute generator oil need replacement for the efficient operation of equipment is very important, oil to change in time, ensure the equipment best, Feng de finishing the four 1.oil replacement method to judge, let you easily grasp the oil change time.

remove a little oil in the oil bottom shell, put a finger on the twist. When the twist, if there is a thick feeling, and a drawing phenomenon, the oil is not bad, can continue to use, otherwise it should be replaced.

2. differential oil dipstick

out of the engine oil dipstick facing the light observation scale line is clear, when through on the oil dipstick oil please do not see reticle, oil too dirty, should be replaced immediately.

3. differential dumping

take oil bottom shell of a small amount of oil into a container, then from the container decant. To observe the flow of oil sheen and viscosity. If the oil flow can be kept thin and uniform, the oil is not in the oil and impurities, can also be used for some time, otherwise it should be replaced.

4. oil drop check

on a sheet of paper and drop a drop of oil bottom shell oil, if oil drop center spot, was dark brown and evenly without particles, around yellow invasion is very small that deterioration of oil should be replaced. If the center of the oil droplets is small and the color is lighter, the color of the yellow stain is large, which indicates that the oil can also be used.

oil change identification need after the engine is stopped but oil is not precipitated under can only be guaranteed to arrive at the correct identification results and error detection occur from time to time, be on the lookout.

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