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Distinguish between true and false diesel generator
Update:2017-02-13 Tags:manufacturers

False deck machine on the market generator priceat present almost all well-known diesel engine general manufacturers, some manufacturers use the same shape as a general purpose machine pretended to brand, using a false name plate, really achieve number, printing fake factory data, such as deck, really confused, reducing the production cost greatly. Distinguish between deck machinery, if it is not professional, it is hard to distinguish. Similar to the name of the factory confuse these manufacturers are opportunistic, dare not to do the deck, renovation, name and the name of the diesel engine techniques in the factory. Factory name and similar confusion diesel engine. Etc. Some manufacturers use pinyin or homonyms, use the same word registered its own brand, for example: some cummins generator, km power generation units, etc. In fact and cummins engine without any correlation, is XX generator co., LTD., registered name, and "cummins" trademark has nothing to do, go back to manufacturers will all kinds of famous brand engine configuration of generator shall be called foreign Moumou cummins generator set.

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