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In winter the protective measures and preventive measures of diesel engine
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In winter, thegenerator price temperature has been declining, atmosphere is more intense, diesel generating sets, necessary protection measures and preventive measures in the winter we have done?

First of all, the generating sets in when not in use have to discharge the cooling water tank fangdongye, also check the antifreeze before start the machine.

Second, the need to replace the air filter element, due to the special demanding of cold air filter and diesel filter, if not timely replacement can increase the engine wear and tear, the influence of the diesel generator life.

Third, try to choose low viscosity oil, because oil is too thick, the generator is not easy to start, increase the wear and tear. Start the diesel generator set last winter, it's best to add a few auxiliary method, improve the generator temperature. Started running at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes, in order to improve the temperature of the turbine, check the working state of the lubricating oil, check after normal put into normal operation. Diesel generator set in the winter to reduce sudden acceleration or velocity would increase the throttle, otherwise will affect the service life of the valve components.

Temperature is very cold in winter, unit operations start or have a certain effect. We need to do a good job in protecting equipment, to further ensure the power supply, smooth operation.

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