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Principle of diesel engine is introduced
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1, the workinggenerator principle of the diesel engine, will be mixed with air, diesel injection into the cylinder combustion heat energy into mechanical energy of heat engine, which rely on fuel burning fuel gas expansion, forces the pistons to a straight line through the crankshaft connecting rod, the output from the mechanical work.

2, diesel engine overall structure: the body, fuel system, the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, into the exhaust gas system, lubrication system, cooling system, control system.

Communication diesel generating sets of options:

1, appropriate chooses high speed, pressure, low fuel consumption, low noise, high reliability

2, high intelligent

3, selection of diesel engine is equipped with electronic voltage stabilizer and electronic speed control devices, speed control performance is good

4, power generation made choose brushless excitation or phase compound excitation device of synchronous motor, when have load have the air conditioning or UPS, appropriate chooses three harmonic excitation motor.

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