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Gas engine and gas generator sets products "innovations"
Update:2017-02-09 Tags:performance

Can effectively generatorsolve the gas engine is widespread the problem of high heat load

The problem can lead to high gas engine exhaust temperature, piston, valve and cylinder head and other parts damaged, causing gas engine speed does not enhance, power can't improve, the engine due to severely limit, gas generating set and take steady operation, increasing failure rate.

Can effectively control the air-fuel ratio of gas engine, gas engine starting performance is good, high thermal efficiency, emissions targets

Gas engine air-fuel ratio control problem, the technical problems of gas engine is an important, and its air-fuel ratio problem solving is bad, the engine start-up performance, dynamic performance, heat load, has enormous influence on the economy, stability, reliability and emission performance. We currently use is a kind of automatic air-fuel ratio controller, the stable gas source, the engine in different operation condition, can achieve very good effect, with Europe and part of the domestic manufacturers to use venturi mixer engine compared to startup performance, power, heat load, economy, stability, reliability and emission performance, more stable and good performance.

For gas composition and pressure are unstable gas source, we adopt a closed loop control adjustable automatic air-fuel ratio controller and buoy type stabilizer, which can effectively solve due to the unstable gas source for the influence of the gas engine.

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