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The application of EPS emergency power inverter technology
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:emergency

The application of EPS generator priceemergency power inverter technology, CPU control, digital circuit, high integrated electronic components production of high-tech environmental protection products. Inverter of main components, auxiliary power supply, rectifier charger, battery, controller, one is that the secondary load, especially the important electrical equipment and fire control facilities, emergency lighting and so on to provide the power of the second or third. Earnings per share of simple maintenance, unattended, fire linkage, automatic operation, remote or intelligent building control and start time of 0.1 seconds, significantly less than the start time of diesel generator set, with a total investment of diesel generating set is similar.

The general working principle of EPS emergency power supply: when the input power is normal city. Normally open a relay contact closure, urban intelligent battery electric vehicle charger. City power failure or abnormal, the controller to start the converter and inverter or control relay normally open contacts closed, battery by converter or dc ac inverter power load. The machine adopts IGBT and SPWM inverter technology and advanced intelligent CPU control, simple structure, reliable performance, sine wave of constant voltage and constant frequency output, automatic switch, fire linkage, it is mainly suitable for evacuation lighting, emergency lighting, water pump, fan. Company provides centralized power supply emergency power supply, the installation can be divided into suspension, embedded and landing, emergency time is usually 90 minutes.

EPS emergency power supply specifications, based on the input can be divided into single-phase 220 v and 380 v three-phase; According to the output can be divided into single-phase, three-phase and single-phase and three-phase hybrid output; Installed on the floor in the form of a type, wall wall type and block type 3, capacity from 0.5 kw to 800 kw each level, according to the service object can be divided into dynamic loading and emergency lighting, spare time usually have a 90-120 minutes, if you have special request can also be configured standby time according to the requirements of design. As a result, EPS emergency power supply can meet the needs of the general engineering.

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