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The piston connecting rod set of diesel generator assembly points
Update:2017-02-27 Tags:connecting

Diesel generatorsilent generator 120kva price piston connecting rod set of assembly of several main points are as follows:

One, the connecting rod copper set of installation. When installing copper connecting rod set it is best to press, also can have, with the help of a vice of avoid by all means use the hammer down; Copper set oil hole or groove and oil hole on the connecting rod to the positive, to ensure its lubrication

Second, the piston and connecting rod assembly. When assembling piston and rod assembly, should pay attention to their relative position and orientation.

Third, qiao piston pin. The piston pin and pin hole for surplus to cooperate. , when installation should be put in the water or oil piston evenly heated to 90 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, take out, put the rod position between the piston pin hole, and then coated with oil into the piston pin hole of piston pin according to the established direction and connecting rod copper set inside

Fourth, the installation of the piston ring. Installing a piston ring, attention should be paid to the ring position and order.

Five, loading, connecting rod group.

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