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EFI technology introduction and use of
Update:2017-02-22 Tags:electronic

EFI technique is the internal generator pricecombustion engine fuel supply system electronic injection technology, in order to strictly control the vehicle exhaust pollution to the environment, automotive EFI gasoline engine must implement technology, measures taken do not access the EFI vehicles. The particularity of diesel engine fuel supply system. Fuel supply cylinder (10 ~ 120 MPa) and high pressure injection, and technology to change the original fuel and gasoline engine by contrast is very difficult. Pollution more serious than gasoline engines, diesel engine, in fact, especially the exhaust gas and carbon oxides. Diesel generating sets of diesel engine needs only the stable operation speed, good dynamic performance, can output high quality power, but also need to adjust the speed of the automation, prepare (main), can we truly achieve the power of intelligence and automation. Therefore diesel generating set diesel engine in recent years has been a part of the realization of the electronic speed control, but for environmental pollution control measures could do nothing.

Power of diesel engines, diesel engine ship and engineering machinery products and the development of electronic technology to the influence of main products. At the end of the 20th century, as a result of diesel vehicle emission regulations and gasoline vehicles is more and more strict and improve fuel economy requirements to further improve, so according to the rapid development of gasoline engine electronic control technology, some developed countries began in the diesel engine electronic control technology, research and development of electronic injection and survey, originally put into use. Electronic injection technology and electronic control technology (that is, two similarities. Diesel engine fuel injection quantity control), but there is also a fundamental difference, namely the electronic injection is also a useful electrical control fuel injection time and injection pressure, the complete abolition of the mechanical structure of the fuel system.

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