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The structure of the Marine diesel engine parts starter
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Starter rely on storage battery as a power source, is the work of diesel engine crankshaft rotates, the diesel engine generatorinto the transfer state itself

The structure and working principle of starter

Starter is mainly composed of dc motor, the electromagnetic switch and driving mechanism inside the shell and other parts.

1, the dc motor

The function of a excited dc motor work for short time rating of dc motor, the use of dc motor and ordinary direct current motor is different, because it can produce a large torque, particularly big, so using current starting circuit conductor is also relatively coarse. In general, a starter played 12 working hours are not allowed to s.

Dc motor is mainly composed of the armature and field winding and brush, commutator, poles, etc. Shells in series with the internal armature winding and field winding, when the battery power supply, excitation winding and iron core formed magnetic pole and magnetic field, also the armature winding magnetic field is produced. Two magnetic fields interact and produce a large torque, and then through the gear output power.

2, electromagnetic switch

Electromagnetic switch (or magnetic switch) is used to connect and disconnect the electric starting main circuit of the device, at the instant of the direct current and electromagnetic switch, electromagnetic switch inside the suction pull coil and keep coil produces a lot of magnetic field, under the action of the magnetic field force, fork will drive gear to the diesel engine flywheel and its meshing; At the same time, the activity within the electromagnetic switch contact contact with two terminal static contact, so that the starter on the main circuit. When direct current (dc) and electromagnetic switch is off, the drive gear under the action of return spring back to its original position, the starter to stop running at the same time.

The activities of the magnetic switch contact and the static contact in the process of long-term work, especially in winter diesel engine difficult to start), easy to appear loss phenomenon. When there is damage phenomenon contact, can cause the starter gear (or sling wheel) with the diesel engine flywheel ring gear meshing.

3, play mechanism

Internal driving mechanism is mainly composed of starter drive gear, spiral casing, springs, slip ring, fork and locking nut and so on, its role is in the starting motor moment connected with direct current (dc), and the effect of electromagnetic force and spring force to make the gears mesh with the diesel engine flywheel and gear at high speed, at the instant of the starter motor and the dc power disconnected, gear and can return to its original position.

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