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Proper use of biogas generator set
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Biogas generator generator pricegas generating set and the gas is methane, the main components of the combustion is methane. If you use the main composition of natural gas power generation, fuel and content has changed, and need to configure the different ignition and air fuel ratio etc.

If you use natural gas power generation, it is recommended that the gas turbine manufacturers provide the content of natural gas form, please choose the model and the calculation can use the natural gas generator power rating. < the main composition of natural gas is methane, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, ignition and compression ratio or a slightly different with other types of gas generator set. Like ge jenbacher gas turbine manufacturers import regulations must be calorific value and gas composition, gas internal combustion generating set the major influencing factors as the main fuel gas methane index (other gases can also according to the formula to calculate the index into methane), calorific value, the flame propagation speed, etc. Other answer those decoking equipment, customers in fuel composition table, manufacturers usually plan according to the fuel composition. Generally speaking, the national natural gas standard does not allow high tar component.

In the implementation of the west east gas, because in the northern region, the city residents to use more gas. National gas purification has a clear requirement, especially the content of carbon monoxide and tar content.

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