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Diesel generator set and measuring method of the camshaft
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The use of diesel generator set,generator if one or two CAM shaft wear and tear, then its corresponding valve cannot open to the normal work necessary for the opening. This will causes a decline in the amount of air or fuel into the cylinder. Therefore, lower volumetric efficiency. In this case, the need to remove the camshaft, check if the CAM has been wear and tear, should also be controlled when the engine was dismantled factory inspection lifter specification. Diesel generating sets the camshaft of testing method is as follows:

1. Remove the camshaft. With a dial gauge or micrometer check CAM lift, see if excessive wear.

2. Put the CAM on the v-shaped iron, turns it to check whether the bending is conform to the requirements.

3. Turn the CAM, the height of the CAM lobe is measured with a dial indicator.

4. With a dial gauge or micrometer. Check each CAM minimum diameter, the maximum diameter of the height of the CAM is minus the size of CAM lift, compare each CAM frontal lobe and lift, the wear conditions and factory rules, CAM is usually allow maximum wear in 0.005 or so.

5. Remove the camshaft, check whether the thrust pad is excessive wear or scratch.

6. The dial indicator at the end of the camshaft.

7. The camshaft measuring CAM axis direction moved back and forth to the clearance, CAM shaft axial clearance of 0.001-0.001 in.

8. The unqualified camshaft to replace, when installation to must align timing tags.

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