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Diesel generator set system maintenance points
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Diesel generator genset powerset system maintenance main exhaust system, cooling system, fuel system maintenance, the following is to explain the various maintenance points.

Diesel generator set exhaust system maintenance points:

1, weekly check air filter indicator, appear red indicator when replace the air filter.

2, replace the air filter each year; Check/adjust the valve clearance.

3, check the air filter indicator every day.

4, clean/replace air filter every 250 hours.

5, when a new generator set used 250 hours for the first time, check/adjust the valve clearance requirements.

Diesel generator cooling system maintenance points:

1, check the cooling liquid level every day, when need to add the cooling fluid.

2, check the coolant every 250 hours of rust inhibitor concentration, when need add rust inhibitor.

3, every 3000 hours to clean the whole cooling system, and replace the new coolant.

4, check the coolant fluid level every week, to maintain the correct coolant fluid level.

5, pipeline leak check every year, the rust inhibitor concentration detection coolant, need to add rust inhibitor.

6, every three years to put off the cooling fluid, cleaning and flushing of the cooling system; Replace the temperature regulator; Replace the rubber hose; Back to inject coolant cooling system.

Diesel generator fuel system maintenance points:

1, every day, before the engine is running or in operation, the all valves in the fuel return line must be open, in order to prevent the high fuel pressure.

2, check the fuel line joint is loose and leaks.

3, ensure supply of fuel to the engine.

4, if have a few weeks without starting the engine, fuel may have emission from the fuel oil system, so first before starting with manual injection pump to the engine oil.

5, weekly let out the water in the oil and water separator, fuel tank filled with oil; Check the fuel pressure is normal after starting the engine.

6, check the fuel pressure after starting the engine is normal; After the engine stops to fuel tank filled with oil.

7, every 250 hours from the fuel tank into the water and sediment.

8, replacement of diesel fuel fine filter every 250 hours.

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