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Dynamic methane combustion characteristic
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Biogas as a generator pricefuel, due to containing methane above 50%. Methane is generally 60 ~ 70%. Calorific value of the methane per cubic meter of about 5000 ~ 6000000, this is a high calorific value. Contains carbon dioxide gas, reducing the flame propagation speed, thus in an internal combustion engine has a good antiknock performance, methane octane number between 105 to 115, and the high methane, up to 135. Due to the good performance of the uprising, the engine can use a higher compression ratio, so the same volume of internal combustion engine, the use of biogas is not lower than the original engine power can be obtained. For example, a large number of agricultural diesel engine in the countryside, in the use of biogas or dual fuel, with the original machine power can be obtained. Machinery and equipment and brings convenience and horsepower S195 diesel engine as an example, the wife is two water pumps, walking tractor, rice, feed, power generation and other operating machinery, matching speed and power has for many years, such as the need to change, biogas power generation to develop this new product, will get twice the result with half the effort, it is difficult to promote.

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