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Black start gas generator is introduced
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:start

Black start generator priceis in the black mesh or loss under the condition of external power to restore power supply process. As an emergency plan to restore power to regional power grid. Grid of large black electrical accident of power grid in power plants to black start capacity is becoming more and more attention. Due to the power grid in the black start units start time, load limit and the additional requirements of auxiliary system, not all models are suitable for black start.

Gas turbine can quick start, wide load and sensitive response, slightly improved on plant design can become a qualified black start power station. In case of an emergency, can be made on the black start diesel generators to provide the factory with the power necessary to realize the gas turbine start-up.

Because many gas turbine model the same type has different configuration, such as single shaft axis system connection mode is also different, so different between different power plant of black start scheme and the lack of systemic summary and induction. But black start scheme of the key factors such as load list and loading sequence, selection and calculation of the black start diesel engine, dead bus switching and island operation control are consistency and inductive principle.

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