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With the correct selection of diesel generator
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The combustion performance of diesel oil is sixteen octane expressed. Sixteen - the higher the value, the better combustion performance of diesel oil, but its freezing point is higher. Freezing point, said low-temperature fluidity of diesel fuel began freezingthe loss of flow of the highest temperature is an important indicator of diesel.

We use the label of dieseldiesel generator that is the freezing point. The pour point of diesel and the low temperature performance of the direct relation. Because in front of the diesel oil solidifying, first precipitation of paraffin crystals, different refining of crude oil and method to obtain the diesel, the shape and size of these crystals are different, they tend to diesel filter blockage, resulting in oil supply disruption. Therefore, the use of diesel engine vehicles should pay attention to select the appropriate label according to the use of ambient temperature oil.

before useing the diesel,should be fully sedimentation, filtration, to remove impurities, generally not less than 48 hours. This is because the high speed has high-pressure pump and the injectors are very precise parts, a slight mechanical impurities to enter, would have been serious wear and tear. In addition, diesel oil is used in low temperature condition, it should be preheated.because of its quality indicators the freezing point is basically the same, so it can be suitable for using in the seasonal fuel mix.

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