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The world gas market analysis
Update:2017-02-04 Tags:natural

The production generatorand trade of the global natural gas has become increasingly active in recent years, are to become the world's oil and gas industry a new hot spot. In order to ensure energy supply diversification and improve energy consumption structure, some large energy consumers pay more and more attention to the introduction of natural gas. Big international oil companies have also switch to natural gas business, its new profit growth point of natural gas will become the hot oil after the next global scramble for energy commodities. Natural gas is currently the world's fastest growing energy at a time, in 2014, natural gas in world energy account for more than 24.4% of the consumer at a time. Although at present our country natural gas in energy than only about 5.1%, but China's shale gas reserves than any other country, recoverable reserves of 36 trillion cubic meters. If we can develop in China, natural gas can make up for a lack of oil resources, to a great extent ensure the diversification of energy supply. Gas gradually improve the environmental quality in our country, and for China's west-east gas can also play a complementary role. To know more about the world's natural gas production and trade, supply and demand situation and prospect, resource potential and transport capacity, draw lessons from the market and pricing mechanism, the natural gas cost and the possibility of cost reduction and international major oil companies approach in the development of natural gas, healthy and efficient development of gas industry in China has important practical significance. Speed up the development of China's natural gas is an important task we face. So! It is necessary for us to the present and future of the global natural gas market development prospect enough attention.

The world natural gas trade can be divided into three main stages: 60 ~ 70 s of the 20th century is commercial natural gas initial order; At the beginning of the second half of the 70 s ~ 70 is gas device to accelerate construction of strive for large scale stage; Since the 90 s for low-cost competition phase, has entered a critical period of great development at present.

Natural gas resource potential and major exporter

Global gas suppliers are mainly concentrated in Asia, the Middle East and Australia, North America and Europe's gas only accounts for less than 10% of the world, the Pacific is the world's most main production area of natural gas, natural gas exports accounted for 49% of the global total, in the asia-pacific region, the natural gas exports accounted for 21% of the world, in the Middle East, gas exports accounted for 23% of the world's total.

1. North America and Europe

2. The Pacific exporter include: exporting countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, brunei, the United States and Russia

3. The main exporting countries in the asia-pacific region including: Indonesia is the world's largest producer of natural gas, export 2003 2003 cubic, Indonesia at Bontang and Arun has two natural gas production base, gas exports of 23 million tons in 2002.

4. The main exporting countries in the Middle East including: ABU dhabi, Qatar, Oman and the united Arab emirates.

5. The Atlantic region major exporting countries include: Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Libya, Trinidad and Tobago and Norway.

A major importer of natural gas resources

14 main world natural gas importer, respectively is: Japan, Korea, Taiwan region of China, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the Dominican republic and India, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan region imports, accounted for 68% of global imports, seven countries imports account for about 28% of Europe, the United States accounted for 4%. In addition, there is a potential natural gas importer, such as China, India, Britain, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and the Netherlands. Japan more than 95% of the natural gas in the form of LNG import, about two-thirds in the consumption of natural gas to generate electricity.

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