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The feasibility of biogas power generation
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Biogas is a kind generator 300kwof clean energy, but also a kind of harmful gas, use undeserved cause dangerous. The main composition of biogas methane is a second only to freon accounts for the second important greenhouse gas, can destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere. According to the international commission on climate change research, the greenhouse effect is 21 times more carbon dioxide. With the adjustment of energy structure, the increasingly stringent emission regulations, especially the Chinese government to the attention of the methane resource utilization and economic benefits of biogas power generation, and biogas power generation will has a broad space for development. From the current way of biogas utilization, biogas power generation has the following advantages:

1), to improve energy grade (power supply, the widely used)

2), improve the efficiency of resources (efficiency of cogeneration, > 80%)

3), increase biogas production (waste heat utilization, after fermentation calories)

4), favorable grid regulation (save resources, improve the energy structure)

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