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The lubrication requirements of generator and oil
Update:2017-02-18 Tags:lubrication

Generator is usually divided into two major categories of thermal power units and hydraulic generatorgenerator 20kva price set, in thermal power units, including steam turbine, gas turbine and diesel generating sets, etc. Each have different lubrication requirements. And the type of the motor while many, its lubrication requirement about the same.

First, lubrication for coal-fired power units.

1. The lubrication characteristics of gas turbine and steam turbine generator, main shaft bearing of turbine generator, the requirement of lubrication is more, is characterized by some of the larger engine, journal of Φ above 600 mm, the circumference of the shaft speed sometimes can be more than 100 m/s, usually USES the dynamic pressure and static pressure sliding bearing, has the special oil supply system supply of lubricating oil, the gear reducer, speed regulating machine (machine) exciter available such as cycle oil or oil bath lubrication oil supply.

2. Lubrication of gas turbine steam wheel from a much more demanding than normal, characterized by small and medium-sized gas turbine engine oil temperature is higher, often need to use air or with synthetic oil phosphate ester type fire resistant chi wheel oil lubrication.

3. Lubrication of diesel generator set, pump motivation for diesel generating set, diesel engine, its lubricating system and the internal combustion engine lubrication system, the same general high-power medium speed diesel engine using pressure circulation lubrication, divided into wet and dry sump lubrication system, most of the models of the lubrication oil cylinder. Engine oil generally use 30 or 40 # diesel oil, has also use 30 or 40 medium speed diesel engine cylinder or large Marine diesel engine oil. Exhaust gas turbocharger generally recommend using TSA46 or 68 turbine oil lubrication. The hydraulic governor is recommended to use TSA32-68 turbine oil lubrication. Barring agencies use L - CKC or L - CKB100-150 industrial gear oil lubrication.

Second, the lubrication of hydro-generator units.

Turbine has impact type and reaction type (also can be divided into axial flow, tubular, mixed flow and inclinedflow, etc.). Generally are of low speed, temperature, movement under constant load, but the working environment more damp. Requires the use of rust and demulsification and better water separability of lubricating oil. Small hydroelectric generator are mostly bearing lubrication and governing agencies operating systems use the same lubricating system, and guide bearing large hydro-generator and adjusting mechanism operating system, the lubrication system of separation of mixed flow and axial flow turbine guide vane, needle valve of pelton turbine operating mechanism, etc. Use good anti-rust 0 or 1 calcium base or lithium base grease lubrication.

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