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The structure and working principle of fuel injector
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135 type diesel engine generatorfuel injector is mainly composed of, fuel injector bodies of diesel injector nozzle, the injection pressure regulating unit, cap nut, oil filter core, and into the tubing and return pipe joints and other parts.

There is oil hole on the injector body, it and needle body end ring groove on the relatively. Needle valve body oil hole is drilled with nozzle inner chamber, the high pressure diesel fuel injection pump sent through tubing joints, joint with an inner filter further filtered into the interior of the injector body oil hole, then through the oil hole into the nozzle needle valve body cavity. At this time, high pressure diesel role in needle valve on the upper and lower two cone. When high voltage is greater than the power of the diesel fuel pressure regulating spring elasticity, the inside of the nozzle needle valve by jacking, the nozzle orifice was open, high-pressure diesel by the nozzle spray into the combustion chamber. Series 135 type diesel engine fuel injection pressure for (17.5) 17.5 & plusmn; MPa, supercharged diesel engine fuel injection pressure for 19 & plusmn; 0.5 MPa. Needle valve and needle valve body between the redundant diesel through the injector body and the center of the pressure regulating screw hole and into the return line.

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